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Reseeding America is currently planning a Church Planting survey trip to the northwestern states of Washington, Oregon and Idaho in July of 2014.

We are presently partnering with pastors in these three northwestern states who have one thing in common: a passion to see more churches planted in some of the neediest areas in their states. They have agreed to host a group of serious-minded men of God to come and see some of the areas in need of a church plant.

Those making this trip will see what God has done through the lives of other church planters and will meet with pastors who are committed to supporting church planters coming to this tri-state area to plant churches.

We also have a select group of pastors across America who are concerned about seeing more churches planted and are willing to help with the cost of this trip. Therefore, we are able to keep the cost down so that anyone who desires to go can afford to make the trip.

If you are definitely planning on planting a church in the next two to three years and you need help with the cost of this trip, please contact us at Reseeding America and we will make sure you get the help you need to go on this trip.

Please click here to view and download a brochure containing more details.

 You may also follow this link to learn more about BIMI’s ‘Open Door Project’ in the North West USA.

Church Planting Survey Trip

to the Northwest in 2014