Reseeding America

My earliest recollection of missions was in the beginning of BIMI back in 1961. Every missionary that came to our church was on their way to a field to start churches and train pastors. As our interest and participation of missions has grown we have noticed that more and more we see churches in America either leaving the faith or ceasing to be fervent in missionary zeal as they had been in the past. It seemed that missionaries had fewer churches to help get them to the field with support. It has been my firm belief that the work of world missions will be directly affected by the number of fundamental churches that are available for them to draw from. I am grateful for the work of Reseeding America in helping to start new churches and to restart churches in other areas. Not only are we helping to reach people in these areas but we are also building a stronger base to carry the gospel around the world. If missions is near to the heart of God then church planting is a great way to carry out God's plan and purpose. Thank God for Reseeding America helping to achieve Gods plan for every creature hearing the Gospel.


Pastor David Price

Providence Baptist Church

Springfield, TN 37172